News Articles

Alliance enables women of color, Our Towns, October 28, 2004. [download PDF]

Women learn how to survive the political landscape, UI Argonaut, September 28, 2004. [download PDF]

"Women learning to build political muscle," Lewiston Morning Tribune, September 24, 2004. [download PDF]

Boise group helps women in rural Idaho expand their reach, sell handcrafted products at fair prices, Idaho Statesman, August 29, 2004. [download PDF]

"Women of Color Alliance sets events," Idaho Statesman, April 20, 2004. [download PDF]

WOCA Builds Power in Idaho, Resist Newsletter, January 2004. [download PDF]

UI students, staff discuss ways to heighten women’s self-esteem, UI Argonaut, October 17, 2003. [download PDF]

Idaho documentary garners national attention, Idaho Press-Tribune, October 13, 2003. [download PDF]

Native American week brings events to ISU, ISU Bengal, April 3, 2002. [download PDF]

Offensive language still plagues Idaho; Legislators slow to make place names appropriate, UI Argonaut, April 2, 2002. [download PDF]

"A 'rally for respect'," Sho-Ban News, March 15, 2001. [download PDF]

"Kempthorne meets activists," Idaho State Journal, March 10, 2001. [download PDF]

"Protesters rally against word'squaw'," Idaho Statesman, March 10, 2001. [download PDF]

"Rally for respect," Sho-Pai News, March 2001. [download PDF]

"Squaw changes squashed," Lewiston Morning Tribune, February 27, 2001. [download PDF]