Past Events

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The Women’s Campaign School at Yale University is hosted by WOCA at the University of Idaho. Thirty-five young women from all different ages, backgrounds and tribes came together to learn how to run for public office or manage a successful campaign. After this training, young women ran for Tribal Council and University Student Presidency and for the Hispanic Congressional Internship in DC.

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WOCA’s Second Annual Conference held at the Hispanic Cultural Center in Nampa. Keynote Speakers were Angela Bowman from Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond. Dr. Jeannette Rodriguez from Seattle University addressed spirituality and religion in grassroots organizing.

Sonia Martinez, Program Specialist, Partners for Prosperity; Juan Linares, Northwest Area Foundation; and Yolanda Martinez, from WOCA in Minneapolis. Partners for Prosperity invited WOCA to visit Minneapolis to see how Latinos are becoming successful entrepeneurs.

WOCA members with Lila Downs
Members of WOCA with performer Lila Downs at the Egyptian Theater in Boise, ID. Lila Downs dedicates a song to WOCA during her performance.

WOCA invited to attend discussions at the United Nations, with Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Dr. Alice Palmer, former Senator from Illinois with Sonya Rosario, Executive Director of WOCA at the United Nations.

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Norma Madrigal and Noemi Herrera Co-Chair the WOCA Chapter at the University of Idaho in Moscow, sponsored by the Women’s Center.

1st Annual WOCA Conferece
Attendees of the First Annual WOCA Conference; A Kitchen Table Discussion on Social, Economic and Political Justice. Guest Speakers; Dr. Alice Palmer, Former Illinois State Senator, and Jeannie Givens, Former Idaho State Representative.

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Women gather at Duck Valley Indian Reservation to discuss commonalities and build a support system for each other between Latina, Black, Native and New Immigrant women in Idaho.

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A film, “The Historical Impact of the “S” Word: From One Generation to the Next” was created to educate the general public of Idaho on the term, (squaw) and personal experiences that Native women feel about this word.